Brand Ambassador Program

Congratulations on being invited to be a HypeClothe brand ambassador!

We are glad you have shown an interest in seeing what it's all about! So let me explain how you can get started!

It's quite simple! You get paid a generous 20% commission on all sales generated by you. So what that means is if a customer buys an item for $100 you just made $20. When you sign up for the ambassador program you will be provided with a unique link. Just use that link when you promote us and our products and all the sales resulting from your efforts will earn you 20% commission.
We payout Bi-Weekly via PayPal so you don't have to wait a whole month like other companies before you receive your hard earned cash!

Some stats: our average order value per customer is 60$, meaning that for every order that is attributed to your marketing efforts, you make at least 12$. That means huge potential if you have a loyal follower base that likes your posts!
Just fill in the form below to get started. We use a highly acclaimed 3rd Party software to track sales to be sure you and all your hard work is tracked and logged!

Register Here

When you are done registering and filled in all the details you are ready to begin! You can post the link on your Instagram Bio and use any of our graphics from our website or Instagram page to promote the products. Just remember to use your special link otherwise the software will not be able to track your sales and you will not get any commissions.
 Now that you are all set up and you are starting to generate traffic and sales you might like to check and see how much commission you generated and how much we will payout for the given cycle. To do that just click on the link below and login in with your details.

Login Here

If you would like, we can create a special discount code for you. Just send us a message on IG or email us at 
From this dashboard, you will be able to see all your stats and commissions earned. You will also be able to change any details like e-mail, payout e-mail etc.
And that is it! We hope you will enjoy working with us and please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have and for tips and tricks working with the ambassador link.